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The Marquette General Hospital Registered Nurse Staff Council (RNSC) is the realization of a dream that a group of insightful, progressive and critically thinking Registered Nurses (RN's) had in the mid 1960's. The RN's assessment of the patient and workplace environment resulted in a plan. Hard work and determination to have a professional voice in the workplace, led to the conclusion that the professional Registered Nurse must be represented by a professional labor union. That plan's implementation culminated in an election that was certified by the Nation Labor Relations Board (NLRB) on August 27, 1968 and the organization chosen to represent the RN's was the Michigan Nurses Association (MNA).

This is, simply put, how RNSC came to be - by utilizing the nursing process.

The last 45 years have seen many changes in the dynamics of RNSC, MNA and the workplace. There have been at least 13 labor contracts negotiated, two strikes and many changes in the relationship of nursing and management, who now work together for mutual gains in a process known as "Interest Based Bargaining."

So who are we? WE are the Registered Nurse at the bedside, in the office and clinic. WE use the nursing process that our colleagues long ago used, to assess, observe, plan, implement and evaluate for our patients, outcomes along the continuum of life from birth to death and the challenges in between. WE are there when a new life comes into the world or when it is time to leave. WE advocate for our patients, because sometimes they have no one else to do it for them. WE are the teachers of the newly diagnosed diabetic facing an insulin syringe for the first time or a new mom learning to breast feed her newborn infant or reaching out to a family who has received news that will forever impact their world and they do not know where to turn. WE use high tech (monitors and computers) and low tech (a cool hand on a hot brow) to care for our patients and their families. WE nurture, WE counsel and WE plan for our patients to ensure the best outcome humanly possible. That is what Staff Council does for our membership, WE nurture, counsel and plan for the future, so the professional RN can take care of business at the bedside.

RNSC is the professional labor organization of the Registered Nurse staff at Marquette General Hospital which is represented by Michigan Nurses Association and affiliated with the AFL-CIO.

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